Pink Posies Design (style 390)


luxaddiction custom samsung galaxy case


The design images may be shown on another phone / device. Your case will be designed & handcrafted according to your phone / device model


Case is 100% handcrafted just for YOU! All crystals & decorations are added onto the case, one by one, by our artists, who use over 1000 crystals / decorations on this case. Please allow 7-12 business days for production.


Each and every crystal & décor is handpicked by us with highest standard. We use mixed SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS (Austrian Crystals), high quality crystals, special made jewelries / decorations. All materials are strongly adhered to the case using our specialized glue, and will not easily fall off.


For maximum protection of your phone, we use premium quality hybrid hard clear case with shock absorb TPU bumper. The back panel of the case is made with acrylic, and TPU bumper offers raised beveled edge keeps your touch screen safe. Pronounced buttons are easy to feel and press, while large cutouts fit most cables, also compatible with any type of screen protector. (For a few rare phone models, we use premium hard clear case that may not have raised beveled edge)


Simple changes are accepted, and please leave your message in the "Note Box" seen during checkout.
You can change, replace, add/remove any of the decorations or colors used in the design.
Please provide simple/clear instructions & reference a style # for any decoration or color requested from a different design
Our designers only accept requests / changes within 24 hours of placing the order.
There is no additional charge for design changes & our designers will try their best to fulfill your requests. We cannot guarantee all requests will be fulfilled.


30 days hassle free return & 6 months product warranty. For more details, please check our Product Warranty Page.


Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews

No word can describe this case you have to buy it to see for yourself. Thanks Luxaddiction, keep up the good work!!!!!!!!


I got a phone case for my HTC evo 4G, it took FOREVER i think like 30 days to receive it, but it is the cutest case ever, i love it, so different from anything else i was looking at and its exactly what i wanted.. it is very sparkly and you can tell they paid attention to detail. I was worried that it wouldn't be worth the wait but it totally was. I may purchase another one!

would have given it 5 stars all around but....

i just received my cell phone case for my iphone 4. I was so excited to receive the case. i order my phone on June 19,2011 and received my case on July 11 2011. So it took exactly 3 weeks n a day to arrive. I love love love this case. I really like the fact that it's a little different from the original case shown above. I really love the fact that the from of my case looks even better than the original...the flowers on the back are different but nothing to complain about in my opinion. i actually think this case looks better than pictured above. ok, so my only complaint is that it was missing a couple of rhinestones (about 3) on the case straight out of the box. For $79.95 i feel my case shouldn't be missing anything off of it straight out of the box. The only reason I noticed this is because of the you tube videos i viewed previously before receiving my case had the same problem. It's something that can easily be fixed, but the fact is I shouldn't have to do so right away. This isn't a deal breaker for though... I will purchase another cell phone case. I just hope luxaddiction will fix minor issues so more customer will never have to second guess their work and buy from another company...Luxaddiction i truly love your work...I will be back to purchase about 5 more cases from you...please fix your minor mistakes.

Beautiful but falling apart

I bought this case a month ago. It arrived in a cute little bag and it was so beautiful. I was taking care of this phone case like it was a newborn. Fast forward two weeks later and I'm at dinner and something falls on the ground. I pick it up and it's a petal off my rose! I look at it and see that another petal had fallen off! So I inspected it more and two other petals were loose and one fell off a couple days later. Eventually it was just a nub and didn't even look like a rose. I sent it back to get it fixed... Luxaddiction did no questions asked and they fixed it decently fast and free. I was very happy with that and I got my case back about a week 1/2 later. Now, sixish days later I'm looking at my case... and on the front they put these gold little pearl looking gems. One gem has the paint coming off! I look at all the pearls and all the paint is coming off those gems. They look extremly ugly. Also on the big flower gems keep falling off. I know they say they give you replacements but they only gave me three yellow pearls and some pink ones that don't even match on the big flower. I think they gave me 10 replacements all together which is definetly not enough!

Listen, their cases are BEAUTIFUL. Everybody loves it and it sparkles so much! I'm in love with it but I'm so dissapointed that they used such cheap gems. I take care of this thing so well and it's just falling apart. I really don't want to part with my case again for another week 1/2 so I'll just live with my ugly pearls.

I think I would buy from here again... but I just wanted to let everyone know about what has been happening to me since all the other reviews are, "It's perfect!"

my bling case ahah

thank you lux, I received my order today. it's just so bling that I couldn't keep my eyes open. My Mom loves it so much. can you offer her some discount? so she can get one too???? plzzzz