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6671 W Indiantown Rd Ste 50-292
Jupiter FL 33458

6671 W Indiantown Rd Ste 50-292
Jupiter FL 33458

Mon-Fri, 8:30am-5pm (OFFICE)



Q: Do I have to send my phone in to the company to have the design done?
A: You do not have to send in your phone for our customization. Our designs are done on durable blank cases that will fit your phone model.

Q: If I ordered the wrong phone case, would I be able to exchange?
A: We start working on your case within 24 hours of order confirmation. If we need to make you a new case, there will be 35% fee to recover the materials and labors that we have invested.

Q: Do the crystals fall off easily?
A: The crystals do not fall off easily since we use our special made glue. The only place that you will see the crystals falling will be near the access area of the phone case. We do provide extra crystals along with your order in case it happens.

Q: What kind of glue should I use to re-attach crystals? What kind of tools can be utilize?
A: We suggest that you use nail glue, super glue or crazy glue and small tweezers to have the crystals glue back on the case.

Q: How long will the case last?
A: Usually it all depends on how each individual use their cases. We have been reported by our customers that our cases last longer then their phones.

Q: What are the differences between custom cases and premade cases?
A: Premade cases are usually cases that are already made and can be shipped after verification of payment after 24-hours. Custom cases usually take from 12-14 business days to make and then ship to our customers.

Q: How can I customize my case? How much will it cost?
A: You must pick out a style that is similar to what you like from our available designs. Then, you may add your request to change any decors/accessories or even color theme of our original design. Since there is no extra cost for these requests, our designers can only try their best to fulfill it.

Q: Where can I add my special request to my order?
A: You can place your request in the note box during checkout, or you may email us with your order number and requests to as soon as you have placed order.

Q: How can I get a case for a particular phone model? I dont see mine on LuxAddiction website.
A: In this case, you may request for a specific phone model by sending in a request to

Q: Do you ship to other country besides the United States?
A: We do have international shipping for a flat rate of $27.00 USD. No matter how many items you purchase, it will only cost you $27 to ship the entire order.

Q: Do you accept Wholesale orders?
A: If you are planning to purchase 20 or more, please contact us to discuss the discounts.

Q: Do you do sponsorship for product reviews?
A: Yes, we do sponsor product reviews & giveaways for popular Youtube Gurus and website bloggers. Please email along with your URL to see if you are qulify for the sponsorship.